My Disney T-shirt collection

I don’t consider myself a collector. I will, however, buy things from time to time that I like. One of my main vacation souvenirs is T-shirts since they are at least somewhat practical and useful outside of the vacation.

Over the years, I’ve filled a closet or two with T-shirts from theme parks, Hard Rock Cafes, and other touristy type places.

I have a number of Disney park shirts that were special or limited that I never got around to wearing — which is not somewhat practical.

Remember Epcot’s 25th anniversary?

Epcot’s 25th Anniversary T-shirt.

I even have two of the Figment stuffed animals. I think they only sold 1982 of those.

Some shirts are also a snapshot in time, like when Disneyland closed down their 1959 classic Submarine Voyage. That was sad, because it was one of the attractions that Walt Disney himself greenlit for the park.

Submarine Voyage farewell T-shirt.

In the future, I think I’ll take you on a thrilling tour of my “collection.” Though I should probably get rid of the shirts I’m never going to actually wear.

Until next time…

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