Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in VR

Here is 10 minutes of VR 360 video from Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in Branson, MO. You can look left, right, up, down and even behind you from various locations.


This video was recorded using an Insta360 X4. It was set to 8K mode using all automatic settings. This should give folks an idea of what the quality is like “out of the box” without making any adjustments.

NOTE: YouTube appears to downsize the video to 4K 🙁

More DisneyFans photos on YouTube…

Today, Poseidon Entertainment posted a new YouTube video called “Even More Weird Things in Disneyland.” It’s a fun watch — but be sure to watch the first installment as well.

It’s always a surprise to see one of my photos pop up in videos like this (along with some from Yesterland), though it is a bit annoying they do not ask for permission. They even crop off the watermarks! At least Poseidon Entertainment does add it’s own credit (“Source: Allen Huffman”) when they “borrow” other folks images 😉

Check it out…

I think the image may have been taken from this Yesterland article:


Request: If you run in to one of my photos in a video, please send me the link and I’ll post it here, too.

I’ve been taking and sharing digital photos since 1996, and do not recall ever turning someone down who wanted to use one of my photos. I can provide the original, full-size version without the watermark, as well, and can even enhance my old photos so they look much better.

New videos on YouTube…

I bought my first digital camera in 1996 and began taking photos at theme parks. A few years later, I bought a Digital8 (digital) camcorder. I have begun the process of posting old raw footage taken starting in 2000 at Disneyland. The new YouTube channel is:


I have also begun the process of upscaling this old pre-HD video into higher quality. I will be trying to post a new video each week, when time permits.

I have many hours of video to go through from the 2000 and 2001 trips, including lots of footage from things like Rocket Rods, Country Bears, Aladdins Oasis (the show that was there after, not the restaurant), Superstar Limo and many other items that live on today only in Yesterland.

It’s going to be a fun year.

Here’s one to get you started… It is a ride on the Sun Wheel at Disney’s California Adventure, recorded just ten days after the park opened to the public. As time allows, I will be reposting these old videos in much quality formats.

Until then…

ABC Soap Opera Bistro in 2001

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2022 is to import all my old Disney vacation videos and share the interesting ones. I have begun experimenting with enhancing the old Digital8 footage using A.I. software to increase the resolution and details. This really messes up much of it, but as you can see from the side-by-side screen shots below, its not too terrible.

It should be quite an interesting project. I have hundreds of hours of footage to sort through.

More to come…

The Park Hopping video archives…

As I have mentioned (many times), I purchased my first digital camera in 1996. This was followed by my first digital video camcorder in 1999. It recorded digitally on 8mm video tapes. Over the years, I recorded hundreds of tapes at theme parks and Renaissance festivals. This was followed by an upgrade to an HD camcorder that used DV tapes (which I have dozens and dozens of those), then a jump to camcorders that used memory cards.

All the memory card footage is backed up to hard drives, but very little of the Digital8 and DV tapes exist anywhere other than those tapes. Hopefully my old camcorders still work, and the tapes can still be read, because I would like to begin the process of importing them for editing and sharing.

Stay tuned… This will be a huge project for 2022.