I’ve been taking digital photos since 1996. Here are some of them:

  • Disneyland Resort – Over 56,000 photos as of 3/15/2023.
  • Walt Disney World – Over 42,000 photos as of 4/15/2023.
  • Universal Studios & Sea World – Over 44,000 photos as of 3/21/2024.
  • Other Theme Parks – Over 25,000 photos from places like Knott’s Berry Farm, Lost Island, Six Flags, Hersheypark, etc. as of 4/15/2023.
  • Miscellaneous Photos – Over 20,000 photos as of 3/21/2024. Including photos from tourist trap attractions at places like Wisconsin Dells, WI and Branson, MO. See a “Haunted Mansion” in Wisconsin, and a Soarin’ ripoff attraction in Missouri. And more!

Current total as of 3/21/2024: over 202,000 photos.

There are still more to be added… Check out the new Trips page for details on when the photos were taken.


  • 2023-04-32 – I have split off SeaWorld and Universal Studios (Hollywood and Orlando) in to their own sub-section:
  • 2023-05-31 – Misc gallery finally listed here, even though it’s been part of my site “forever.”