No photos. No video.

After twenty three years doing this, I have decided to switch my focus from photos and video of the U.S. Disney Parks and concentrate on my collection of refillable popcorn buckets.

And that’s as much of an April Fools joke as you get from me today. Instead…

Walt Disney World used to be far more strict on allowing photos and/or video inside attractions. When I visited with my first digital camcorder in 1999, I recorded dozens of hours of video, but almost none inside any attractions. I do, however, have many pre-shows that end with a cast member walking up to me and “asking” me to stop recording.

No flash (?) photography or video recording as recently as December 4, 2006.

I can only imagine how many more photos and hours of video I would have if this were not the case.

Keep this in mind as you watch all the YouTube videos that were recorded in direct violation to posted signs and cast member instructions 😉

My trick was to keep going through until a cast member forgot to make the announcement, or asking a cool cast member if they would look the other way for me. I mean, in 1999, it’s not like anyone was ever going to be able to watch that video other than friends I invited over to see it on my TV.

Until next time…

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